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Our Values and Mission

Tennis Congress® events are designed for amateur adult tennis players of all ages and levels who are passionate about improving and reaching their personal best. They offer adult non-professional players inspiring, intensive, in-person opportunities to learn from the world’s top experts about all aspects of training necessary to advance to the next level (technique, movement, strategy, fitness, injury prevention, and mental conditioning). The Tennis Congress event uses both on-court training and innovative and dynamic off-court techniques.

The agenda and curriculum for Tennis Congress events are designed to address the priorities of all participating individuals. The innovative, rigorous, and holistic approach combines both on-court and off-court learning to accelerate skill. Faculty members with expertise in everything from stroke mechanics to strategy to sports psychology to nutrition educate participants with video, whiteboards, movement drills, fitness equipment, and other modern tools and techniques.

Whether you are relatively new to the sport or are seriously advanced, each Tennis Congress event offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your own capacity to fast-track your progress.

Tennis Congress Events

The Tennis Congress Event is the flagship event of the Net Gains Foundation (NGF) and winner of the tennis industry’s award for “Most Innovative Tennis Event of the Year”, the U.S. Tennis Congress (USTC) offers a customized training program, specific to each individual athlete’s personal priorities and needs. USTC draws on scores of leading master professionals, Grand Slam legends, physical conditioning coaches, sport psychology experts, and strategy gurus from around the world. 

The Tennis Congress creates unique opportunities for passionate adult amateur tennis athletes to gain world-class education and training and be part of a nurturing community of players and professionals striving to achieve their personal best, on court and off. 

All proceeds from Tennis Congress events benefit the Net Gains Foundation.

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Leadership Team

The Net Gains Foundation and its Tennis Congress events are overseen by a combination of industry leaders and nonprofessional players united by their passion for excellence.

Gary Innes, Executive Director, Net Gains Foundation
Feisal Hassan, Director of Eduction and Faculty Chairman
Mark Kovacs, Director of Performance and Fitness Education
Jonny Fraser, Deputy Director of Performance and Fitness Eductation
Denise Fiallo, Volunteer Director of Special Projects
Sarah Flesher, Director of Special Events
Amy Lundy, Volunteer Director of Film and Video Production
P.J. Simmons, Founder and Volunteer Advisory Board Chairman



Congressional Leaders

We are grateful to the many TC alumni whose generous support has enabled us to make investments that advance our mission, support our Patrick Ryan Memorial Scholarship Program, and keep our community thriving and growing. Thank you!

2019 Congressional Champions

Darlene Ashwood * Anne Dickerson * Steven Dugal * Mike Goor * Mary McNamara * Steven Ralls * Brett Richmond * Eric Smith

2019 Congressional Leaders

Payam Ahdoot * Carol Alan * Harvey Allon * Sue Allon * Beth & Jeff Annis *  Louise Arkel * Amy Badger * Jim Benge * Larry Bloom * Doug Bloomquist * Tanya Brennan * Jill Burgard * Lynn Case * Mark Charman * Andy Chernaik * Ed Conner * Barbara Cornyn * Susan Cushman * Barbara Dean * Terriann DePasquale * Chris Donnelly * Sean Dundon * Denise Fiallo * Sheila Fifer * Jo Fitzpatrick * Faith Franck * Christine Frank * Amy Gavaris * Becky Grace * Becky Hall * TJ Harais * John Harris * Leslie Hauschildt * Felicia Head * JoAnn Houck * Gloria Howard * Mark Howes * Kate Huttemann * Roberta Jackson * Anna Jones * Deidre Kolarick * Kari Kuipers * Andy Lechter * Jonathan Lim * Stacy McHugh * Susan Morehouse * Rosie Morgan * Sandra Nauditt * Deborah New * Kenny Nova * Rick Palmore * Amy Petrow * Kathy Precopio * Lance Prichard * MaryGrace Quinlan * Rhonda Reiner * Jason Roberts * Dave Ryan * David Schollmeyer * Ken Shapero * Kim Sheffield * Eva Simmons * Sandra Sklar * Suzy Skone * Linda Smith * Michael Smolens * Aleks Szymanski * Kara Taggart * Paul Tortora * Carol Turner * Brian Urbano * Azin van Alebeek * Jennifer Vana * Jim Vana * Nate Walker * Peggy & Philip Wood