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Created by serious tennis players for serious players, Tennis Congress events give passionate adults (low-intermediate through high-performance NTRP 5.0) access to world-class training usually reserved only for top juniors and professionals. Join fellow tennis fanatics and some of the best coaches from around the world for uniquely fun and inspiring experiences covering all aspects of training necessary to improve your game– on and off the court.


October 27-30, 2022 | La Quinta Resort, Palm Springs, CA

The 2022 United States Tennis Congress

For 3.0-5.0 Singles and Doubles Players

Winner of the tennis industry’s award for “Most Innovative Tennis Event of the Year” and the flagship event of the Net Gains Foundation, the U.S. Tennis Congress (USTC), the USTC tailors a customized training program specific to each individual athlete's personal priorities and needs, drawing on over scores of leading master professionals, Grand Slam legends, physical conditioning coaches, sport psychology experts, and strategy gurus from around the world.

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