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Share your story – it’s easy! Here’s how:

STEP 1. Review these guidelines:

  • Who can submit? We welcome submissions from all passionate amateur adult tennis players, as well as from the professionals who train them.
  • Accepted formats: Contributions are welcome in a variety of formats: written, video, audio or a combination. Co-authored pieces or submissions in the form of interviews are welcome.
  • Length and Style: There is no length restriction. We favor quality over quantity. Anecdotal examples are encouraged. Authenticity and clarity are most important. We recommend dividing long paragraphs into readable chunks and incorporating bullet points or boxes to break up text. You may include a link to external websites and/or incorporate video.
  • Topics: We welcome a wide variety of topics: epiphanies you’ve had while training or competing that fellow players might learn from, insights from on-court training that have made you a stronger or better person, lessons from tough times. We do not accept promotional content or instructional content from professionals. Here are examples of actual posts from other blogs that would meet our guidelines:
    *  Putting Winning in Perspective
    *  Grace Under Pressure: 10 Things I Do to Combat Tightness
    *  Doing the Hard Work That Comes with Injuries
    Six Key Questions to Ask Your Doubles Partner

STEP 2.  Consider a topic you’d enjoy sharing on. Below are some hypothetical titles — we’d love to see submissions on these topics or anything along these lines!

  • The Patience I’ve Developed on Court Just Saved My Career
  • Getting “Bumped Down” Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
  • The Science Behind Tennis and Staying Young (with links to research like How Tennis Helps Fight Dementia)
  • Winning My First Tournament at Age 72
  • How Losing Nationals Was My Biggest Win Yet
  • Transforming from Chronic Choker to Mental Giant
  • What I Learned from Tennis Kids in Kenya
  • How I Survived Captaining Ten Teams in One Season
  • Getting Over the Fear of Video Analysis

STEP 3. Email your proposed topic/idea or draft to our editorial team at

STEP 4: Look for a reply from our editors, who will confirm if it’s appropriate for publication and may offer suggestions that help you develop your approach.