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Bob Litwin, of Boulder Colorado, was a Long Island tennis teaching professional for thirty-five years. In 1992 he founded the Sports Focus Institute to develop and teach athletes in all sports how to improve performance through all aspects of the mental game.

Bob is known as The Focus Coach. He has worked with every sport imaginable and consulted for the NY Knicks and the NY Islanders. The founder of The Focus Coaching Group, LLC, Bob is a full-time performance coach for Hedge Funds and individuals in any field of endeavor, business and sports alike.

  • He never played in college or on the tour and at 32 started to compete thinking he might be able to win some matches. He lost a lot for several years.
  • Then he won a gold and bronze medal at the 12th Maccabian Games in the 35 and over. In summer 2013, 20 years later, he won the Gold Medal in the 65s singles at the 19th Maccabian Games.
  • He has won 21 USTA National Championship titles.
  • He won the ITF World Championships in 2005 and was ranked #1in the World in the 55 and over.
  • He was inducted into the Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011.
  • After being out of the game for nearly three years due to two hip surgeries, he got back to work and has climbed back to the top and in June was the #1 ranked 65-and-over player in the USA.
  • After going undefeated in Colorado tournaments this year his 18-year undefeated streak in sectional age group matches continues.
  • His book, Live the Best Story of Your Life: A World Champion’s Guide to Lasting Change, was released in May and touted by Huff Post as the #1 self-help read for the summer of 2016.