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By Lisa Stone

Twenty-three year-old professional tennis player, Noah Rubin, currently ranked 152 in the world by the ATP, felt something was missing in the promotion of his chosen sport.

Specifically, he felt the sport was not doing enough to promote the individual players, especially those outside the Top 25.

Noah knew there was more to his fellow players than meets the eye, so he took matters into his own hands and created a platform on social media for these men and women to share their very personal stories with the world.

Behind the Racquet is that platform.

Recently, I caught up with Noah for my weekly podcast to delve deeper into Behind the Racquet and what Noah is hoping to accomplish.

Click here to hear my conversation with Noah about “Behind the Racquet”

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Lisa Stone is a tennis parent and the creator of ParentingAces, whose mission is to help educate junior and college tennis parents (and coaches) as they navigate the murky waters of junior tennis development, competition, and college recruiting. Whether on or the ParentingAces Podcast (which can be found on iTunes, Libsyn, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Music, the Podcast app, and, ParentingAces works hard to bring timely and useful information to its audience that can be used to enhance the family’s tennis experience. 

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